Customer Experience – (CX)

Customer experience (CX) can include a lot of elements, but it really boils down to the perception the customer has of your brand and of their interactions with your company. Even if you think your brand and customer experience is one thing, if the customer perceives it as something different, that is what the actual customer experience is….

how your customers value your products

With that in mind, managing customer perception is one of the most important things brands should be doing. EBGC can help you to better understand how your customers value your products and services and
can guide you towards performance improvement.

Performance can be benchmarked against the competition where feasible. This approach enables the clients to understand their customers’ priorities, measure how their business delivers to meet these needs and to target resources to improve these areas of the experience.

The Customer Experience Report is an advanced monitoring tool which focuses on five core elements:

  • Brand – Your defined attributes and values vs. Internal/external customer expectations

  •  Product – Split features/attributes vs. Performance/experience

  • Customer Support – Email vs. Phone – response times, call abandon rates, quality of service, call routing and resolution

  • Value – Pricings and odds

  • Marketing – Brand understanding, acquisition and retention

The Customer Experience Report will allow you to best understand how your target audiences comprehend and value your products and services, helping you in turn to evaluate and optimize your efforts and actual performance.