Greece is ready to accept applications for online gambling. Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC) said submissions can now be made online for all legal entities, including shareholders, key executives, manufacturers, technology suppliers and certification bodies.

At present there are two available licenses to apply for online games of chance and sports betting. Sports betting license will cost €3 million and online games of chance license will cost €2 million with. Each license will run for seven-year terms and have to pay 35% tax on their gross gaming revenue.

In August 2020, the Greek Minister of Economy signed the new online gaming law after being approved by the Greek parliament in October 2019 and submitted to TRIES for approval in December 2019.

Play is restricted to those aged 21 and above. The regulations also impose strict conditions for online casino, including a €2 maximum slot stake, with prizes capped at €5,000, and a €50,000 limit for jackpot games.