Despite Nevada having enjoyed legal sports betting, including legal online sports betting, for decades, its sports betting revenues in October 2020 lags markedly behind New Jersey.

Sports betting handle (turnover) in Nevada during October 2020 hit a state record of $660 million, which is 18% far from the national record of $803 in New Jersey sports betting handle for the same month.

On the same month Nevada’s sports betting revenue (GGR) counted for $42.4 million with a 6.4% hold, which is 28% far from $58.5 million of New Jersey’s sports betting revenue (GGR) with a 7.3% hold.

Nevada sports betting still lagging in mobile. Betting handle from mobile devices in Nevada during October accounted for 57.1% of total handle. New Jersey, on the other hand, saw 93% of handle wagered online during the same month.

American football remains the betting favourite by far in Nevada sportsbooks during October with $441 million in handle. In New Jersey American football is also the king, with around $280 million in handle during October, but with less weight in the total handle compared with Nevada.