Gambling “responsibly” means different things for different people. Everyone has their own idea of what “responsible” and “safe” and “fun” look like….

EBGC, a company stemming from the industry to serve the industry, recognizes that gambling can lead to a range of problems for a small minority of individuals and their families. All of us who work in this industry, we have a responsibility against the people with gambling problems.

It is important to understand that although different games have different odds of winning and varying degrees of skill or influence from the player can affect the odds of winning, players are more likely to lose, particularly over time, than they are to win. If that wasn’t true, gaming operators/ companies and machine and software vendors would be out of business more often than not. When players think they are the exception to this truth, they can get themselves into trouble.

Regardless of what responsible gambling means to you versus someone else, common themes might exist. Some common RG themes might be that…

With our hands-on experience, we can help operators devise their Responsible Gambling/Gaming strategies to ensure that:

Problem gambling is adequately understood and researched by their customers;

They – the operators – act in a socially responsible way towards their customers.

Here, it has to be noted that today all members of the BGC (Betting and Gaming Council) want all of their customers to gamble responsibly, gamble within their means and be aware of the available advice and information, which can prevent irresponsible gambling.

Gambling is a feature of modern life, is a form of entertainment, it is a pastime: by encouraging responsible gambling and providing the right tools, support and information we can all raise awareness of the signs of irresponsible gambling and help individuals to get the right help at the right time.