The art of formulating business strategies, implementing them, and evaluating their impact
based on organizational objectives

ΕBGC helps you realize your business idea while keeping you out of ‘helpless wandering’ in the complex world of betting and gaming.

Strategic planning entails the clear definition of the corporate vision,
mission, the strategic objectives, as well as the strategies and the specific steps that are required to achieve them. EBGC designs and offers you a solid, well-balanced all-inclusive strategic plan, which will lead you to the long-term results you are aiming for. During the process EBGC will keep you updated with the all latest market developments and you will be fully aware of the barriers you will face and will have to overcome. The process that EBGC follows in the development of a strategic plan is commencing with a multi-dimensional market analysis and on-demand feasibility studies to ensure that all activities will be based on a solid ground. Goals and objectives are then weighed against specific KPIs, while the development of the plan will rely on benchmarking, identification of opportunities and on developing initiatives. All these will then be refined against alternative routes and ‘plan Bs’ in order to help you take a well-informed decision, knowing that all possible elements and potential issues have been taken into serious consideration. Strategic planning as a process is advised to be revisited on a yearly basis and reviewed every 3 years.