Trading strategy and risk management

Set aside IT, for obvious reasons, trading and risk management are the main pillars behind a
successful betting and gaming company

EBGC will help sports betting operators in different regulated markets, to create/improve their own trading strategy and by combining automation with human experience increase the volume and margins of their business models.

Nowadays, with the multitude of betting opportunities all around the clock most of sports betting operators build their business models “around” the various B2B data feed suppliers. The data suppliers provide content – data – while the operators should be managing the content to offer the pricing/odds and a user experience. With the development of pre-game betting across more sports and the growth of in-play betting, more and more operators, in an attempt to de-risk the business and stabilize their margins, have moved away from the traditional bookmaking “outsourcing” the trading and risk management functions from providers who offer the so-called MTS (Managed Trading Services) solutions. These solutions most of the times are designed to produce results by limiting liability exposure using aggressive player restrictions and bet referrals, creating this way a bad user experience.

We at EBGC, don’t see pricing /odds only as content; odds for us are one the main “ingredients” which combined with quantitative analysis, effective trading and risk management will boost volumes and long- term margins. With strong brand positioning, a differentiated sports betting trading strategy and enhanced margins, operators can definitely carve out a stable path to success!